Our Mission


Specifically designed for those adapting to new lifestyle needs, Sestra Care Solutions seeks to enable individuals to continue to live with dignity, whilst they may still require care.

Care Facilities:
Our garments give facilities an option of safer, simpler methods of dressing individuals. The design of the Sestra Care Solution’s garments allows for an individual to be dressed reduced risk of injuries to either the resident and the carer, helps staff maintain privacy, and makes manual handling easier.

Comfort and care are priorities for both family members or a carer. Our garments will give you easier access to provide assistance with grooming, providing medical care that may include wound dressings and skin integrity.

We seek to enable individuals to continue living with dignity and a degree of independence, despite the changes in lifestyle needs. Our garments are designed free of clasps, ties or buttons, which is ideal for those with a decline in motor skills or are experiencing restricted mobility.