Our Range

Having access to these functional and comfortable cross-back garments empowers individuals to maintain their independence and wellbeing.

  • Our cross-back apparel provides dignity and a degree of independence. The garments are designed with signature folds on the back which fall into place as soon as the garment is put on. There is no need for fastening or clipping into place. There are no studs, buttons, Velcro or zippers, as these items may cause tears on fragile skin and other injuries to the individual.

  • The sleeve width and length provides comfort to the individual, and for carers it allows for easy access to the arms and hands to observe skin integrity and to provide care as well as medical treatment. The garments are designed to protect the frail skin on the arms and elbows of individuals.

  • The fabrics selected for the garments are lightweight, breathable, skin friendly, flexible with general stretch and wrinkle resistant. They are made with 70% cotton and 30% polyester. Our fabrics hold their colour and shape, and are industrial dryer and washing machine friendly.

  • We have chosen to print a label on the inside of the garment that can have the individual’s name written with a permanent marker for easy identification. Facilities will no longer need to order expensive tags that must be sewn onto each new garment. Appropriately labelled garments prevent lost or misplaced clothing, saving time and reducing discomfort for the individual.

    We are honoured to have our product on display at Independent Living Centre SA. To find out more, visit www.ilcaustralia.org.au.